Our story : best single-speed fixie

Hi, I’m Ian Steed, founder of Steed Bikes. I’m a designer, fitness industry professional and cycling fanatic. I love the simplicity of single speed bikes and the effortless freedom they give. To stick two fingers up to the crowded bus or tube, jump on my bike and let my body power my journey is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

There are lots of bikes out there but I started Steed Bikes as that perfect bike had always eluded me. I yearned for a stylish bike that would turn heads, give a great riding experience, not fall apart after a few years AND be affordable. It seemed that was too much to ask, and so I set about designing my perfect bike....

Single-speed fixie: Designed & built in London

Fast forward a few years and Steed Bikes was born. These bikes really are a dream to ride and give a big tick in the head-turning department too. 

Designed in our London studio they are handmade, with quality components that last the distance. So much so that every bike comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Reducing our footprint

Passionate about our wellbeing and environment, we champion a more healthy, low impact way to travel. 

By offering affordable bikes that last, we don't contribute to the damage that “fast fashion” and disposable consumer culture has on our planet. 

The manufacture and delivery of our bikes does however add to carbon emissions. That’s why we plant a tree for every bike sold and deliver your new bike by bike where possible.


I’m so proud of our bikes, and I hope you enjoy your trusty Steed as much as we enjoy making them for you.


Ian Steed

Founder of Steed Bikes