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Bold and wonderful, Psychedelic breaks the tradition of the conventional shape of the high visibility jacket. And makes it a unique, refined vest, fun and fresh. The normal cut fits most.

Comes with two big pockets inside for your phone and your keys, so you never loose anything on a ride, and a front tie to adjust it to your waist.

Pedal&Co's mission is to make road safety and visibility more alluring than ever. Thanks to the reflective vest’s refined design, it can be worn comfortably by everyone. Over a simple tee or a winter jacket, no matter the weather, all Pedal&Co vests are waterproof and breathable.

Pedal&Co was born out of this simple idea, to make a fashionable, durable, reflective vest that can be worn by people of different shapes and sizes. Their vests are manufactured by a small family business in East London and all their suppliers are UK based, using eco-friendly materials when possible.



Pedal&Co vests are unisex and one size fits most. But what does that mean?

Of you course one size fits all doesn’t actually exist. So Pedal&Co came up with the idea to refine the shape of a vest, so most people can wear it, and they called it the Standard size.

It stays comfortably on the shoulders and is open at the front, so you can wear it on a t-shirt or a jacket, depending on the weather.

It has a tie with 2 buckles to tie it around your waist if you need to have it tighter around you or if there is too much wind.

Of course, there will be a difference if you usually wear a size Small or XLarge, but the vest is adaptable enough to fit you, in your own way.

Pedal&Co recommend buying a “Cropped”  shape vest such as Minimal for people with a Petite frame, whilst they have a “Long” shape vest for people that are taller such as Bolt or Contrast.



fabric & reflective tape : 100% polyester
bais : 100% cotton
Recycled polyester : brand & care labels (UK made)
100% recyclable packaging (UK made)