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The Bolt_Razzled Dazzled will dazzle you night and day. Its incredible black and white print is directly inspired by the Razzle dazzle print use for camouflaging ships on the sea. Re-appropriated to make a stupendously visible vest with it’s green reflective stripes, Bolt_Razzled Dazzled will make any outfit breathtaking.

Its long cut will be more adapted for someone medium to tall. Comes with two big pockets to carry your keys and your phone safely and a tie to adjust to your movements.

Pedal&Co is to make road safety and visibility more alluring than ever. Thanks to the reflective vest’s refined design, it can be worn comfortably by everyone. Over a simple tee or a winter jacket, no matter the weather, all Pedal&Co vests are waterproof and breathable.

Pedal&Co was born out of this simple idea, to make a fashionable, durable, reflective vest that can be worn by people of different shapes and sizes. Their vests are manufactured by a small family business in East London and all their suppliers are UK based, using eco-friendly materials when possible.



Pedal&Co vests are unisex and one size fits most. But what does that mean?

Of you course one size fits all doesn’t actually exist. So Pedal&Co came up with the idea to refine the shape of a vest, so most people can wear it, and they called it the Standard size.

It stays comfortably on the shoulders and is open at the front, so you can wear it on a t-shirt or a jacket, depending on the weather.

It has a tie with 2 buckles to tie it around your waist if you need to have it tighter around you or if there is too much wind.

Of course, there will be a difference if you usually wear a size Small or XLarge, but the vest is adaptable enough to fit you, in your own way.

Pedal&Co recommend buying a “Cropped”  shape vest such as Minimal for people with a Petite frame, whilst they have a “Long” shape vest for people that are taller such as Bolt or Contrast.



Fabric : 100% polyester
Reflective tape : 100% polyester
Binding : 100% cotton
Brand and care labels : 100% recycled polyester

Packaging : 100% recyclable