Which bike? How to choose a men’s adult bike for an urban cyclist

For newbies, the cycling world sometimes seems overly complicated. Even just trying to buy a bike, you’ll see that there are lots of adult bikes for men to choose from.

So how do you find the right one?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the four different types of cyclists – and what urban cyclists should be looking for in a men’s bicycle.

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How to choose adult bicycles for men

A bike is always a pretty big investment. So you want to know that you’re getting the right set of wheels before you take the plunge and make your purchase.

Choosing adult bikes for men means understanding what type of cyclist you are. And then finding the bike to match.

Types of cyclists

Take a look at these types of cyclists and find the one that most sounds like you.

Urban cyclist

You use (or plan to use) your bike to get around the city. You may cycle your commute and treat your bike as a mode of transportation, rather than a toy.

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Hobby cyclist

You get on your bike for fun, rather than to get from a to b. Perhaps you head out on trails at the weekend and enjoy the odd bicycle tour each year.

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Recreational cyclist

A recreational cyclist is a next-level hobbyist. You probably own at least a few items of lycra clothing and like to ride for fun, fitness and adventure.

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Competitive cyclist

You regularly use your bike for races and speed is your top priority.

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Characteristics of urban bikes for adult men

Decided that you’re an urban cyclist? Then you need an urban bicycle. But what makes this type of bike different from the others?

Simple but strong components

Pick a single speed bike for urban cycling and you’ll find that there are fewer components than on a standard multi-gear bicycle.

This means that your bike is much lighter. Lightweight bikes travel faster and are easier to carry.

Simple components also mean that your bike is easier to maintain – as we’re about to find out.  

Easier maintenance

As an urban cyclist, you probably won’t relish the process of maintaining and cleaning your bike

Unlike serious cycle-geeks, you want to buy an adult bike for men that requires the minimum level of maintenance.

An urban bike doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles you’d associate with a more complicated bicycle. There are fewer parts to clean – and fewer parts that could go wrong.

Wide rims or tyres

When you’re not riding for speed, wide rims or tyres are an excellent choice. That’s because they offer better grip, making your ride safer.

Also, because you can run wider tyres with a lower tyre pressure, you don’t feel every bump in the road. This makes your ride much more comfortable too.

Wide seats

Wide seats might not be the most aerodynamic. But they are definitely kinder to your behind.  

With a bigger surface area to support your bum and cushioning in the seat, you’re less likely to get saddle sore. (And you don’t have to don padded lycra shorts to make your cycling experience bearable!)

Allows good control at all times

When you’re travelling alongside traffic, potentially in wet weather, you need a bike that you trust completely.

The best urban bikes for adult men are reliable and offer excellent control at all times, in all conditions – so you stay safe as you travel around the city.

In the market for a beautiful urban bike with all of the benefits listed above? Then take a look at our range of single-speed bikes, designed for the discerning city cyclist.


How do you know if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced cyclist?

Beginner cyclist – you don’t have many hours of cycling under your belt and still feel a little nervy when approaching tricky road junctions or having to repair a puncture

Intermediate cyclist – you’re comfortable riding in traffic, you can travel in a group with ease, and you know your bike’s capabilities inside out

Advanced cyclist – you ride pretty much every day of the week, embark on multi-day tours and have mastered both challenging climbs and technical descents

How to choose a bike?

Before choosing a bike you need to understand how you plan to use it.

What type of cyclist are you? Will you use your bike for commuting, for leisure or for racing? What kind of terrain will you usually be travelling on? Is your top priority comfort or speed?

Also consider your height – do you need a large, medium or small men’s bike? And of course, your budget comes into play too.


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