Single Speed Bike Megatest Cycling Weekly

Top 5 Single Speed Bikes

Cycling Weekly recently approached Steed Bikes to be part of their "Megatest" of the top 5 single speed bikes on the market. We were hugely honoured that Cycling Weekly chose us to be included and overjoyed to be chosen as the overall winner beating more established brands such as Temple and Quella.
The full list of bikes selected by Cycling Weekly for their ultimate single speed bike review is as follows:
  • Steed Thoroughbred
  • Elops City Bike
  • Temple Lightweight
  • Genesis Flyer
  • Quella Oxford

Intensive Single Speed Bike Road Testing

Over the course of 5 months, Cycling Weekly tested every element, breaking down the nuances of each bike, highlighting their strengths, areas of excellence and weaknesses. From discussing the bikes' frame materials and geometry to delving into the quality of components such as the drivetrain, brakes, and wheels, every aspect is thoroughly examined.

Ultimate Single Speed Bike Review

This excellent video strikes a balance between technical analysis and real-world riding impressions, making this arguably the most informative, accessible and engaging single speed review we have ever seen. 

Steed Bikes Wins Best Single Speed Bike

Pitted against 4 more established and much larger bike brands, the competition was fierce. So we were even more overjoyed to be crowned the ultimate single speed bike. Cycling Weekly summed up the Steed Thoroughbred stating:

"I absolutely love this bike. This is such a fantastic no messing around, it knows what it is, type machine and I throughly enjoyed riding it around"  
"Its perfect for what I'd be using it for which is basically riding around town but also for some longer rides as well and I just think that for £475 you cant really complain."

Cycling Weekly Single Speed Bike Road Test Video

You can view Cycling Weekly's single speed bike megatest video by clicking on the thumbnail below. Be sure to watch until the end to see Steed Bike chosen as overall best single speed bike champion!