My Dad bought me my first bike. He said it was my "trusty steed" and we would have lots of adventures together. I remember thinking it was so cool that my surname was also Steed. I couldn't quite believe that this beautful thing on two wheels could give me so much freedom. I mean, I could literally cycle to the sweet shop every day - result!  From then on my bike never left me. 

My Dad was right about the adventures. Cycling to the shops progressed to cycling into the local countryside. This in turn progressed to cycling solo across Europe. 

I quickly learned how to repair and, pretty much, completely rebuild my bike over that Summer in Europe. There wasnt much choice but to get stuck in. When I returned to the UK I was filled with such a passion for all things cycling it was then that the idea of Steed Bikes was born. 



I've always loved the simplicity of single speed bikes, often referred to as the purest form of cycling. There's an effortless freedom to them which gives a riding experience like no other. I believe that cycling is for everybody and fixie bikes are just so accessible. They have a low price point, are a dream to ride and, because they dont have lots of gears, they are light and really easy to maintain. 

To stick two fingers up to the crowded bus or tube, jump on my single speed bike and let my body power my journey is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

Over the years I have been the proud owner of many single speed bikes. Some cheap and cheerful, and some a bit more fancy. The cheap and cheerful ones ended up costing me more than the fancy ones as I was always having to buy replacement parts. There's a reason why they're cheap. "Buy cheap buy twice" as my Grandpa use to say. 

And it turned out that the fancy ones weren't that fancy either.  When I started playing about with them and taking them apart, I realised that what I was mostly paying for was slick branding and marketing.  The components were definitely better, but not £500 better.

With a degree in design and engineering under my belt as well as 20 years riding experience I pulled a small team together to set about designing the perfect single speed bike.  



The arrival of the pandemic in 2019 gave the team the break from our full time surveying and engineering jobs to finally launch Steed Bikes. All our bikes are designed in our London studio. Initial sketches were done on my kitchen table the first week of lockdown. Even with those first sketches we asked ourselves two vitally important questions:

  • Who is this bike for?
  • What do they want to use it for?

It was key that in designing our bikes, the rider was always at the centre. All Steed Bikes' designs have evolved with the rider at their heart. Our promise to our community of riders is that every single Steed Bike meets four crucial critera: 

Reliability and durabilty have been designed-in from the start. From the sturdy steel frame to the branded calliper brakes, we make our bikes with quality components that wont let you down and that last the distance. All Steed bikes come with  a lifetime guarantee
We love steel! Its strong, durable and, if you get the frame geometry right, it flexes with you, giving a silky smooth  and comfortable ride. Added to that our comfy padded vegan leather saddles and handgrips give a luxury quality feel that's kind to your bum, hands and wrists.  
Our fixie bike style is inspired by the vintage bike silhouette of the late 19th century. The first single speed bikes were produced in Paris in 1890 and its from these bikes that we draw our aesthetic. Steed Bikes' style is a 21st century take on this timeless design. 
Tust us. A lot of single speed bikes out there don't merit their price tag. We strongly believe that cycling should be for everyone and accessible for all. Thats why we've kept our prices as low as possible for the quality componets we use. 



Passionate about our wellbeing and the  environment, we champion a more healthy, low impact way to travel.

By offering affordable single speed bikes that last, we don't contribute to the damage that “fast fashion” and disposable consumer culture has on our planet. We make our bikes to become vintage, backed up by a lifetime guarantee on frame and fork. By choosing a Steed Bike you are choosing your ride for life. 

The manufacture and delivery of our bikes does however add to carbon emissions. That’s why we have partnered with Internation Tree Foundation who ensure that for every fixie bike we sell, a tree is planted. The more trees we plant the more harmful CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere helping to tackle the climate crisis. 


Steed Bikes is a London based independant single speed bike brand who's mission is to recapture that joyful sense of freedom and adventure that our first childhood bike gave us. We make swift, smooth, and stylish single speed bikes that wont let you down. Steed Bikes is headed up by Ian Steed, our founder, bike guru, and head of design.


With a degree in design and engineering, and 20 years of working in the sports and wellbeing industry, Ian founded Steed Bikes in 2019 as the world was going into lockdown. As well as heading up our design department, Ian is responsible for supplier partnerships and brand collaborations. This often sees him travelling to meet with partners and attend expositions around the world.

He is passionate about design and sourcing materials that not only look beautiful but enhance our lives. He loves working with steel and playing with frame geometry to find that perfect sweet spot between strength and comfort.

Ian strongly believes that cycling is for everybody and continues to lobby government to make our streets more cycle safe, and make it easier, through incentives and tax breaks, for people to jump on their bike.

As well as bikes, Ian loves spending time with his baby boy who comes with him to most meetings, has the final say on new bike colours, and is the real boss of Steed Bikes!


Our head of marketing and customer experience, Susie is the powerhouse behind how the world sees Steed Bikes. 

A perfectionist, a workaholic and a champion of women cycling, Susie injects life and colour into our brand - and does it all with a big sunny smile on her face. 

Susie has over 15 years experience in print and online publishing having been editor of Which?, Marie Claire, Tatler and a bunch of celebrity magazines. Social media marketing is her special power. 

As well as working at Steed Bikes, Susie is passionate about the environment and even set up a bottle refill station with her kids for her local community.  


Head of visuals, Silvia came to Steed Bikes having worked as a fashion photographer for the last 20 years. You can see her work in the pages of Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Stylist and many more. Most of the images you see here on our website and our social media pages (the good ones anyway!) have been styled and shot by Silvia. 

Known for her commercial, editorial and streetstyle work, Silvia has a vibrant energetic aesthetic with a deep passion for creating beautiful imagery. 

Hailing from Norway where travelling by bike is the norm, she can often be spotted riding around the streets of London looking effortlessly elegent on her saffron yellow Steed Thoroughbred. 


Steed Bikes' best friend and mascot, you will spot Murphy in many of our visuals including this excellent shot from our Christmas shoot. 

The heart of the Steed Bikes family, Murphy brings the warmth and cuddles to the studio and is always up for a silly outfit - as long as there's treats.