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Single speed bike helmets - 100% recyclable, British made cycle helmets uk

The must have bike accessory for your single speed bike is a single speed bike helmet. Whether looking for a commuter bike helmet or an all round cycle helmet uk made, we have the perfect selection. We strongly feel any self respecting fixie bike rider should be wearing a single speed bike helmet for all short or long distance bike rides. Single speed bike helmets are crucial for head protection so always wear a helmet! 

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Cycle helmets

Want to stay safe and win style points out on the road? Then the must-have bike accessory for your single speed bike is a single speed bike helmet.

Strong and sleek, our bike helmets are designed with the urban cyclist in mind. They’re stylish, lightweight and super comfortable. All while giving your head the very best protection.

Whether you’re riding a short commute to work – or heading out on a long distance adventure – safe cycling has never looked so good.  

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Single speed bike helmets – The Steed Bikes difference

Whether you’re buying a fixie bike, a helmet or any other cycling accessory, you can count on the same exceptional Steed Bikes service.

Speedy delivery

Get your cycle helmet within 48 hours

Exceptional quality

Well-crafted products at affordable prices

5* customer service

We’re always here and happy to help

Cycle helmet sizing

Helmets can only offer the best head protection when they fit well. But everyone’s head is slightly different. So how do you find a helmet that fits just right?

Here’s our guide to cycle helmet sizing, including instructions for measuring your head and fitting your new helmet.

Step 1: Before buying a bike helmet

To find the perfect single speed bike helmet, you need to know your head circumference.

Take a flexible tape measure and measure around your head at its widest point. If you position your tape measure about 1 cm above your ears, this is usually about right.

Don’t have a flexible tape measure? No problem!

Just take a length of string or ribbon. Put it around your head and make a mark where the two ends meet.

Next, line the string or ribbon up against a ruler or metal tape measure to find out your head circumference in centimetres.  

Most helmets – including those available at Steed Bikes – come in Small, Medium and Large sizes. These sizes correspond to a head circumference range.

For example, a Small Dashel helmet is suitable for a head circumference ranging from 54-56cm.

So check out the size guide. And find the head circumference range that your measurement fits into. Then select your size and check out.

With proper measurement, you can be confident that the helmet size you select will be a perfect fit.

Step 2: Once your bicycle helmet has arrived

When your bicycle helmet has arrived, you need to do a little fine-tuning before you hit the road.

Your new helmet should rest no more than 2cm above your eyebrows. Ideally, it should cover most of your forehead.

A snug fit is best. Your helmet shouldn’t feel too loose or too tight. And it shouldn’t be tilting forwards or backwards either.

Some helmets including the helmets we sell come with a rear adjuster dial . Simply turn this dial to tighten or loosen your helmet as required.

Other helmets come with adjustable comfort pads. You can add or remove pads to suit the shape of your head and achieve a nice, snug fit.

The adjustable strap around your chin gives you some wiggle room too.

The V shape should sit under your ears. The strap should be tight enough that you can’t get more than one finger between the strap and your chin. And the clasp should sit underneath your chin.

Play around with the adjustable features of your helmet until you achieve a secure and comfortable fit.

Need helmet sizing help?

Still not sure which size helmet to choose? Then give us a call, send a WhatsApp message or ping over an email. We’ll be happy to offer our advice.

What you can expect from a Steed Bikes helmet

Here at Steed Bikes, we choose our cycle accessory partners very carefully. We only stock products that align with our values. And that offer an outstanding cycling experience for our customers.

So choose any of the single speed bike helmets available on our website and you can be sure that they meet the following criteria.


All of our bike helmets are designed to offer the very best rider experience. They have great ventilation. So they promise to keep you cool in summer – and when you’re pedalling hard. Sizing is simple to adjust. And there’s also an easy-to-use clasp.


Practicality is one thing. But a bike helmet needs to be comfortable to wear too. We’ve tried and tested every helmet we stock to ensure you enjoy a comfortable ride.


All of the helmets on our website meet internationally accepted safety standards. So you can be confident that in a worst case scenario, your head will get all the protection it needs.  


Stylish and helmet. Two words you don’t usually see together. But our commuter cycling helmets buck the trend. With sleek lines and bold colours, they’re the on point accessory for an urban cyclist.


We’re committed to minimising our effect on the planet. So the bike helmets we sell all do their bit for the environment. They’re made with sustainable materials and come in recyclable packaging.

Dashel helmets can also be recycled, which means fewer old cycling accessories ending up as landfill. Simply send your helmet back to Dashel when you’re done with it and they’ll recycle it for you. It’s the circular economy in action!


The best cycling helmets are sturdy enough to protect your head. But lightweight enough to carry around when you’ve got from a to b. Our helmets don’t slow you down. They’re super strong and wonderfully light.

Made in the UK

We only stock helmets that are made in the UK. That’s because we want to reduce our carbon footprint. And when we stock UK-made items, we know they’re travelling the shortest distance possible.  

The ultimate commuter cycling helmet

What do the best commuter cycling helmets have in common? We think it comes down to three key characteristics:

Good looks

Staying safe shouldn’t have to cramp your style

Unbeatable safety

Because head protection can make all the difference

Easy to carry

Never be weighed down by a heavy helmet again

Every bike helmet on the Steed Bikes website has been chosen with commuter and urban cyclists in mind.

They’re safe and stylish. They’re also light and compact enough to carry around with you when you’ve arrived at your destination.

So if you’re looking for the ideal commuter cycling helmet to go with a single speed or fixie gear bike, there’s no need to look any further!

Cycle helmet FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked cycle helmet questions. Scroll down to see if your question features in this list. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can’t find the info you need.

What type of bike helmet should I choose?

You’ll find different types of bike helmets available online, all suited to different cycling disciplines.

Racing helmets are streamlined and built for speed. Some mountain bike helmets provide full-face protection for difficult, downhill trails. Road bike helmets tend to provide great ventilation.

The helmets you find on the Steed Bikes website provide the perfect balance. They’re safe, stylish and extremely lightweight. Perfect for leisure and commuter cycling.

How should a bike helmet fit?

A bike helmet should always fit snugly. It shouldn’t be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Nor should it be so loose that it wobbles about on top of your head.

You can ensure a good fit by measuring your head and finding the right size before you buy. Then, when your helmet arrives, adjust the rear dial and straps to find a safe, snug fit.

Is it compulsory to wear a cycling helmet in the UK?

No law states that you have to wear a cycling helmet in the UK. It’s not a legal requirement. 

However, the Highway Code recommends that cyclists wear a correctly sized and securely fastened helmet. 

It’s ultimately up to you whether you wear a cycle helmet or not. But when faced with busy roads and poorly maintained cycle lanes, donning the right protective headwear is a wise choice.   

Do cycle helmets save lives?

Cycle helmets provide head protection. This can prove life-saving in the case of a collision. Research shows that cycle helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85%, brain injury by 88% and facial injury by 65%.

Should you replace a bike helmet after a crash?

If you’re involved in a crash or a fall where you hit your head, it’s really important to replace your bike helmet before heading out on the road again.

Even if your helmet still looks fine, its integrity may have been damaged. This means it will be less effective at protecting your head if you have another crash or fall.

How often should you buy a new cycle helmet?

If you’ve not had a crash or fall, you may be wondering whether your cycle helmet has a shelf life. Advice varies. But changing your bike helmet every five years is a good idea.

That’s because your helmet inevitably experiences knocks and bumps when in use. By regularly replacing your helmet, you maintain the very best level of head protection.

For more information on helmet replacement and care, take a look at our blog post on the topic: When is it time to change your bike helmet?

How can you prolong the life of your bicycle helmet?

Taking good care of your cycle helmet helps it to last longer.

Repeated knocks damage the integrity of your helmet. So take care of your helmet when you’re not using it. Don’t sling it into the back of the car. Or throw it under your desk at work.

Treat your helmet gently. And consider a soft or padded helmet bag that allows you to store your helmet safely and easily.

Dirt and chemicals (like sun cream and insect repellent) can also cause damage – to both the outer shell and foam layers. This weakens the helmet and makes it less reliable in case of a crash or fall.

So regularly cleaning your helmet is another way to ensure its longevity. Use soap, water and a non-abrasive cloth. You may also find that some internal pads are removable and machine washable.

What is the peak on a cycle helmet for?

You can find single speed bike helmets with and without a peak. But we think that a peaked visor comes in really handy.

It protects against glare from the sun, which means you get a better view of the road ahead. 

It also (and let’s be honest, this is a more useful perk if you’ll be riding your bike in the UK) helps to prevent rain from running into your eyes.

One last benefit? We think it looks pretty darn cool too.

Can you recycle a cycling helmet in the UK?

Not all cycle helmets are recyclable. But Dashel helmets can be recycled.

As a company committed to sustainability, Dashel encourages customers to send their used cycling helmets back to them. They’ll then recycle the helmet, ensuring materials are used again and again.

Should you attach lights to your helmet?

The law states that you have to use lights if you’re riding your bike at night.

You need a white front light, a red rear light and a red rear reflector. Amber pedal reflectors on the front and back of each pedal are also compulsory.

The more visible you make yourself to other road users, the better. So attaching an extra light to the back of your helmet is a good idea.

Some bike helmets come with a ready-made attachment. Just check out the vegan leather light loop on the Dashel helmet range!