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STEED BIKES : Fixed gear bike London

After a good month and a half of riding the Stallion, I can clearly say that this bike is absolutely amazing ! It’s exactly what I wanted, it’s super light but looks very solid at the same time, the quality of the components are really good and the experience of riding that bike in London is absolutely amazing ! + it looks beautiful 🤩 This is to me really the perfect bike for a city like London and I just love it ! Kind of impossible to find a bike like that for the same price… + the customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced, if you have any questions ask Ian and he’ll answer in the day ! Highly recommend this brand !

I bought a Saffron Thoroughbred and I love it! Fantastic quality and rides very well. Great power transfer from the pedals, and the bike is lighter than I expected. Comfy seat. Looks so good in the yellow finish, it's a real head turner. Also shaved 10 mins of my commute to work ride, compared to my old geared bike! Highly recommended
I absolutely love my new Steed. I have the sleek black Stallion and It’s easily the best looking bike I’ve ever had plus it's a breeeeeze to ride. It’s going to make zipping around London a hell of a lot more fun. I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

I waited until I'd got a few miles in before submitting a review, really pleased with the bike, locally there are no real hills, well not in town anyway, (Carlisle) so the gear ratio suits me. The bike is sturdy and well suited to my needs, cycling to the gym etc. Semi retired so trying not to use my car for anything local.

Just taken my new Steed bike for a spin. So smooth to ride and I just love the cute colour The guy I spoke to was so helpful too. Feels good to support a local business. Thanks Steed Bikes!

Had a fantastic experience buying my bike from Steed!

I had shopped around a little and found these bikes to be good value so decided to pick it (also really liked how the stallion looked so couldn't really pass it up!)

It arrived in great time, even though shipments to northern Ireland can often take a little bit of extra time to arrive, the bike was delivered exactly when expected and only a few days after I ordered it.

The bike looks and feels great. I did have a small issue with a puncture when it arrived, but you expect that when shipping and all it took was a new tube to get it all fixed up.
Though I did get some new puncture resistant tyres as I will be using this for commuting.
Overall, have loved the experience and I'm loving the bike, would definitely recommend it.

Only had the bike for a couple of weeks but already in love. Absolute joy to ride. Feels so smooth on the road. Definitely can recommend!