A tree for every single speed bike





Up to 350 million people around the world depend directly on forests for their livelihoods, including approximately 60 million indigenous people who rely almost entirely on forests for their economic activities. 90% of people living in extreme poverty depend on forests for at least part of their livelihoods.


Women planting trees International Tree Foundation for Steed Bikes


Deforestation and land degradation affect all of us, due to biodiversity loss and increasing atmospheric carbon concentration. The loss of trees and entire ecosystems is affecting people, biodiversity and the climate.


Single Speed Bikes next to sapling trees


Thats why we're proud to partner with International Tree Foundation. Together we ensure that for every single speed bike you buy, a tree is planted.


Steed Bike Tree and Ferns


By riding a bike, you're already significantly reducing your carbon footprint, but this way we can help support local communities and economies, save fragile ecosystems and tackle the climate crisis. 


Learn more: International Tree Foundation