Single Speed Bike Review

by Tim Wiggins

Steed Bikes - Single Speed Bike Review

A single speed bike is a beautiful thing: as simplistic and straightforward as they come. Every pedal stroke equates to the same distance travelled; every revolution turning a single chainring and a single cog that moves two wheels forwards. The Steed Bikes Thoroughbred Single Speed bike is one of the most stylish and well-built single-speeds that I have ridden to date.

Ian Steed set up Steed Bikes fuelled by a passion for superior design and faultless functionality. He wanted to create a bike that could nip through the city streets every day of the week, while looking and feeling like a premium steed.

The Steed Thoroughbred is an affordable but first-class level single speed bike. Based around a steel frame, and with a strong choice of components; it is a real pleasure to ride.

The ultimate single speed bike

Many single speed bikes you find in the city will be worn-out 'spares bin' bikes, formed of cast offs from other bikes, or bodged together with random parts. The Steed Thoroughbred is a refined machine though; displaying that a single speed bike, equipped with quality components, can be the ultimate city commuting bike.

Out on the street the Thoroughbred instantly impresses, with its good looks and classic style. As you start to turn the pedals you note the 28 mm Kenda tyres that offer comfort and grip, as well as the short wheelbase and compact rear frame triangle that create a fast-accelerating and responsive ride.

The Thoroughbred uses a 44-tooth chainring and an 18-tooth cassette to offer maximum versatility on undulating and flat terrain. Even on more substantial climbs the Thoroughbred will carry you over, provided you put in a bit of grunt.

Everything you need in a single speed bike

Ian Steed has not forgotten the finer details with the Thoroughbred, either. There are mudguard eyelets and bottle eyelets to make this bike into a 365 workhorse; as well as reliable ProMax brakes to offer good braking performance on emergency stops and technical descents in both the wet and dry.

Stylistic details include the faux leather handlebar grips and matching saddle—both of which are comfortable, as well as stylish.

The Steed Bikes Thoroughbred is a single-speed bike that is fun to ride, durable, stylish, practical, and affordable.

For attaining that beautiful simplicity of single speed riding, this bike ticks all the boxes. In a world where fuel prices are rocketing and the planet is struggling, having a daily run-around bike like the Steed Thoroughbred is a game-changer for your health and wallet.