GQ Review: fixed gear bike shop


Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the guy who has it all is no mean feat. Here to take the stress out of your search, GQ’s ultimate guide to Christmas gift ideas for 2021, from scents and skincare to best-selling beer dispensers. 


It doesn’t take a team of discerning writers and editors to tell you that sourcing the perfect gift for men is a task that takes a good bit of imagination. Chances are if he’s a regular reader of these pages, he’s already well-stocked in menswear essentials and grooming gadgets. But that’s not to say you should resort straight to novelty when sourcing the best Christmas gift for the job... even the man who has it all has a wishlist on special occasions like these. Whether that’s the latest gizmo from Apple, a thoughtful gift to feed his inner foodie or luxurious loungewear, packed to perfection in a ribbon-sealed gift box, the very elves who compile the pages of your favourite monthly magazine have knocked heads to bring you an edit of only the best gift ideas for the Christmas of ’21. Running the gamut from gentlemanly essentials to down-to-earth delights, we ho-ho-hope you find something to your liking…

STEED THOROUGHBRED BIKE: fixed gear bike shop

After a long stint of working from home, the bulk of us now have clarity on the future of our office lives, be they back to business as usual or hybridized, which means Christmas ‘21 is just the time to start thinking about the commute again. Don't go back to life on busy tube carriages, nose pressed up to your fellow passengers' ‘pits, and invest in a two-wheeled commuter to be proud of. Steed’s fixed gear bikes hit that sweet spot of aesthetically on-point and excellent value, designed for swift, stylish and easy city travelling. Just the thing to take the edge off the return to your desk.£450.

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