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"Best single speed bike of 2023"

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Browse our collection of award winning single speed bikes/fixies bikes and choose between our Stallion and our Thoroughbred single speed bike styles. Both single speed bike models are built with quality components and include lifetime guarantee and next day delivery. 

Stallion and Thoroughbred models

Our Stallion and Thoroughbred bike models are revered from all sides of the cycling community, whether it be cycling magazines such as Cycling Weekly or Cyclist, newcomers, or everyone in between.

When it comes to a single speed road bike that is versatile, affordable, eye-catching, and delivers premium ride quality, both the Stallion and Thoroughbred fit the bill.

Stallion single speed bike UK

Our signature Steed Bike Stallion is a single speed bike which packs a punch that would make Mike Tyson cower in fear. Boasting a sleek midnight black design, the Stallion takes centre stage with its bold and attention-grabbing style. The colour is matched by its bullhorn handlebars and thick rims, which deliver in both the aesthetic and performance categories.

The Stallion is a heavyweight in every way other than its actual weight. Built with a lightweight, diamond-shaped steel frame, it delivers an astounding strength-to-weight ratio. Combined with perfectly balanced gearing, you have a single speed bike that is a dream to ride. 

Price: £375

Thoroughbred single speed bike UK

When it comes to single speed bikes for sale, the Thoroughbred, as you would expect from the name, is at the top of the class. It features a diamond-shaped, high tensile frame along with fine-tuned gearing. We have put in every effort with the Thoroughbred, covering all details, both big and small, to produce a smooth and comfortable ride. Speaking of comfortable, you'll certainly feel the benefits of our vegan leather handgrips and saddle.  

The Thoroughbred single speed road bike is available in four different colours: Atlantic blue, onyx black, woodland green, and saffron yellow. All are easy on the eye and get plenty of attention. Simply pick the one which best matches your tastes.

Price: £475

The best single speed bikes

Visit any bike manufacturer's website, and they will attempt to pump up what they have to offer. That's only natural when trying to sell a product. Steed Bikes is no different. Yet when we say we have the best single speed bikes on the market, we do so from a vaunted position. That's because we are not the only ones to make that claim.

Metro described our single speed bikes as "beautiful and ride like a dream", while GQ said we had the Best Commuter Bike in 2022. That's not all. The professional critics in the cycling community also only have glowing feedback. Cyclist placed us among the Best Single Speed Bikes of 2023. Cycling Weekly went as far as putting us as number one among 2023's Best Single Speed Bikes list.

Single speed bikes: UK manufactured

If you want to support locally when buying a single speed bike, UK design and manufacturing is how we operate at Steed Bikes. All of our bikes are designed, finished, and processed from our London studio.

With single speed bikes, UK designed options should be supported for numerous reasons. Money goes into the local community, and it helps improve employment numbers. When buying single speed bikes, UK delivery also means less carbon emissions shipping materials and products overseas.

So before you decide to buy a single speed bike, UK design should be among the main points to consider alongside comfort, ride quality, durability, and price.

Built for urban commuting

When it comes to urban travel via bikes, single speed variants are at the top of the list. This also explains why single speed and fixie bike models are fast growing in popularity. As more and more people aim to reduce their carbon footprint, they are searching for alternative ways to get around and complete their daily commute. Single speed bikes certainly fit the bill in that regard.

Urban riding is made easy with a single speed road bike. Quick acceleration means you can get up and running fast whenever you need, while the bike's swift travel speed ensures you won't be late for any meetings. The simplicity of riding, where you're not having to mess around with any gears, also leads to you being able to concentrate better, take in your surroundings, and fully enjoy your journey.

What is a single speed bike?

You likely have an idea of the answer if you have got this far. However, you might be wondering exactly how single speed bikes differ from their geared counterparts.

With bikes, single speed types are known for being incredibly beginner-friendly for those either new to cycling or getting back into it. The reason for this is implied in the name: single speeds only have a single gear. The result is you don't have to go up and down the gears during a cycling journey.

The lack of gears also reduces the overall weight of the bicycle. As a result, and when compared with other bikes, single speed wins out when riding around on flatter terrain. It's easy to get up to speed and maintain pace while riding around a town or city.

When looking at bikes, single speed is usually referenced alongside a fixie. What is a fixie? Are they the same as a single speed?

Fixie bikes, also known as fixed gear bikes, are almost identical to single speed variants. The big difference, however, is that it features no freewheeling mechanism. This is a device located in your wheel's rear hub that allows for coasting. That means, unlike a single speed road bike, you cannot stop pedalling when the fixie bike is in motion. This allows for the ability to control bike speed without needing to touch the brakes.

Regardless of which option you prefer out of the two, Steed Bikes allows you to pick between both single speed and fixie bike options. Our clever design gives you the choice to switch whenever you desire.

How to ride a single speed bike

Riding a single speed bike is not just straightforward, but it's also a ton of fun.

With only one gear setting in place, you will have to adjust how you pedal depending on the situation. A flat terrain is easy to traverse, while it is possible to freewheel and not worry about shifting gears while going downhill. On the other hand, the story is different when going uphill. In this scenario, you will have to put more effort into your pedalling to climb that hill.

When searching for single speed bikes for sale, you could be wondering what type of braking system is used. With hand brakes, you simply squeeze the levers to place tension in the brake cables – that run through the brake pads – to slow both the front and rear wheels.

Riding a single speed road bike also requires you to learn how to use the single gear when stopping. When you are coming to a stop, it's recommended to make wise use of momentum. A rule of thumb is to use the same type of momentum that got you started to slow down.

Why opt for single speed bikes?

Single speed bikes have a lot going for them. Yet what are the main reasons to choose single speed rather than other bike types that are available? Here are some key points to consider:

An uncomplicated, easy ride

The main difference with single speed is that it does away with multiple gears. There is just one gear in use, and this doesn't require any changes or adjusting as you cruise around on your bike.

The result is a hassle-free, uncomplicated mode of transport. By doing away with fiddly and confusing gears, this opens the door to much more enjoyable journeys. You can take in the sights. You have more time to think. You have less stress to worry about.

Easy to maintain

Not only is a single speed easy to ride, but it is also easy to maintain. The simplicity of a single speed's design means there is less potential for something to go wrong.

A steel frame for the bike provides a combination of comfort, durability, and strength. What if it's pranged and bumped out of place? The versatility of this steel frame also allows for it to be hit back into shape.

Going back to the lack of gears, this also boosts the low-maintenance nature of single speed bikes. The biggest problem you are likely to encounter with your bike is a puncture to the front or rear wheel or maybe even just a loose chain.


Compared to geared bikes, single speed options are significantly lighter. It helps with a smoother ride, yes, but their lightweight nature also comes in handy for other occasions. For example, you can carry a single speed bike up some stairs or onto a train with little effort. The result: you can take the bike virtually anywhere!

Health boost

Forget about a gym membership. With single speed bikes for sale, you can get fit and trim while traversing around your city. Aside from building up those fitness levels, single speed riding is also good for improving concentration and mental wellbeing.

The benefits of Steed single speed bikes UK models

You know the general benefits of going with single speed. Yet what additional positives come from buying the best single speed bikes found at Steed? Here's a quick rundown:

Single speed bikes: UK designed

Our bike models are designed in the heart of London. With our single speed bikes, UK design is what we do best. Each bike is designed in our London studio. This approach to local design also extends to our fashionable cycle helmets.

High-quality materials

No single speed bikes for sale can match our combination of value and quality. Even though we keep prices down for our customers, we also go the extra mile with the construction of our bikes.

This first starts with our expert designers meticulously planning the style, shape, and components for each bike. Even minute details are given considerable care and attention. We also only purchase and use high-quality materials for every aspect of the bike, from the frame to the saddle to the crankset, so you get the best experience when riding.

Carbon neutral approach

Our single speed bike UK design already helps to lower carbon emissions, but that isn't enough from our point of view. We take it to the next level. For every single bike we sell, we pledge to plant a tree. Our efforts help to offset carbon emissions and push towards a more sustainable world.

Lifetime guarantee

Buy a Steed Bike and you can benefit from a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee covers the frame and fork, while a one-year guarantee covers all other bike components. Although due to how reliable our bikes are, it's unlikely you will need to put these warranties into action.

Unsurpassed customer service

Customer service is a priority of what we do at Steed Bikes. We always aim to provide the best possible service to our customers. This includes providing next-day delivery for a purchase of one of our bikes. Simply order by 12pm and it'll be at your front door the next day.

Along with questions and enquiries, we are also happy to assist anyone that is not satisfied with their bike purchase. We can arrange an exchange or refund if necessary.

Affordable quality

When looking at single speed bikes for sale, you might be surprised to see our award-winning models with such affordable price tags. However, our excellent Stallion bike is available for less than £400.

We also offer 0% interest payment plans to make our bikes even more attainable for customers.