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Like the rebellious stud horse, our Stallion bikes are powerful, unapologetic and great fun to ride. Made from high tensile steel and powder coated in mat black, this urban warrior has wide rims and bullhorn handlesbars for focussed streamlined riding. 


Named after the magnificent hot blooded horses, this classic city bike with a fiery edge is perfect for urban travel. Stitched vegan leather saddle and handgrips give a luxury feel and the high gloss powder coated steel frame in a choice of with three striking colourways ensures you'll turn heads as you go. 

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One of the best things about cycling is the interaction it allows with other cyclists. Its very rare that you'd chat with a another driver at the lights but as we're not encased in metal boxes its easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow cyclists. And the Steed Bikes community is a super friendly bunch. We are big on community and we like nothing better than to ride out on adventures with our Steed Bike gang. 

 Our bikes have been voted Best Commuter Bikes 2022 by GQ magazine and Best Single Speed Bikes 2022 by Cyclist magazine. 

 All Steeds are designed for everyone and are gender neutral. However,choosing the perfect bike for you will depend on budget, size, colour and style preference. 


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Things to consider when buying a single speed bike

Buying a bike is a big purchase and one you want to ensure you get right. There are lots of things to consider when buying a single speed bike including budget, size, style, weight, comfort, reliabilty and reviews.  

Budget wise, single speeds range from cheap £300 bikes up to the £1,000s. Its important to choose a bike that has quality components that will last the distance so pay particular attention to the brakes, tyres and drive train. Look for known brands. If a bike has quality components then it wont be the cheapest one going, but that doesnt mean you should pay over the odds either. Its entirely possible to pick up a good quality reliable bike for around the £400 mark.  

Style is an important factor in the decision making process, and not just for looks. The style of the bike will impact how you ride and how comfrotable you feel. The type of handlebar, frame shape and size all contibute to your riding experience. 

Steed Bikes make two styles of bike. Our Stallions have a strong unapolegetic aesthetic with silky mat black frames, thick rims, bold logos, and bullhorn handlebars for a streamlined focussed ride. Despite using high quality components that last the distance, the Stallions are extremely budget friendly too.

Our Thoroughbred bikes are a cut above the rest with hand stitched vegan leather saddle and handgrips, high gloss powder coated frames and chrome detailing. Their swan shaped handlebars give a more classic riding position allowing clear visibility of the road ahead. 

Single speed bike weight

This is one the questions we get asked the most. How much do single speed bikes weigh? The weight will mostly depend on the frame size and what the frame is made from. 

Most single speeds are made from high tensile steel. This material gives an excellent strength to weight ratio. Strong enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of road riding, but light enough to be able to carry up stairs or onto a bike hanger.

 Singles speed bikes usualy weigh between 10kg and 16kg. Steed Bikes weigh around 12-14kg depending on frame size. 

Size of a single speed bicycle

Getting the right sized bike for your body frame is crucial. You should feel as comfortable as possible when riding. All bikes come in standard frame sizes so its not difficult to choose the right frame. Frames range from a 47cm frame for those below 5ft right up to a 65cm for the 7ft basketball pros amongst us.  

Steed Bikes caters to anyone from 5ft up to 6ft 5 inches. We offer a 50cm (5ft to 5ft 6 inches) a 54cm (5ft 7 to 6 ft) and a 58cm (6ft to 6ft 5 inches) frame.  

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Frequently asked questions

What is a single speed bike? Are single speed bikes good? What are single speed bikes good for? What is the difference between a single speed bike and a fixed gear bike? Why are fixed gear bikes popular? How do you guarantee quality in your single speed bikes? How much do Steed Bikes weigh? What size bike should I buy? Does my bike arrive fully assembled?

We answer these questions and more in our FAQ page. 

What is the difference between men's and women's bikes?

Traditionally mens and womens bike frames were different. Men had a straight top tube and women, a sloping 'step-through" frame. But nowadays this is considered rather old fashioned with some likening it to women riding side saddle on horses. Straight top tube bikes frames are now very much considered unisex. 

What is the best street bike brand?

There are a mind boggling array of brands to choose from with hugely varying price points. The best brand for you will depend as much on your budget as the quality and style of the bike. When you have settled on a bike you like the look of and fits within your price range, its important to read both the customer reviews, reviews in cycling magazines and reviews from professional cyclists. 

Steed Bikes have been voted 2022 Best Single Speed Bike for all fun and no fuss by The Cyclist magazine. We have also been voted the number one Best Commuter Bike 2022 by GQ Magazine. Tim Wiggins, champion endurance cyclists wrote that his Steed Bike was the "ultimate single speed bike" and we have 5 star reviews accross the boad from our customers. 

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