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Like the rebellious stud horse, our Stallion bikes are powerful, unapologetic and great fun to ride. Made from high tensile steel and powder coated in mat black, this urban warrior has wide rims and bullhorn handlesbars for focussed streamlined riding. 


Named after the magnificent hot blooded horses, this classic city bike with a fiery edge is perfect for urban travel. Stitched vegan leather saddle and handgrips give a luxury feel and the high gloss powder coated steel frame in a choice of with three striking colourways ensures you'll turn heads as you go. 

A safer rider is our main motivation

As riders we are faced with daily challenges. We share the road with large, engine powered traffic that will always come off better in a collision with us. We have no seatbelts or airbags, nor are we encased in a protective metal shell. Road conditions, particularly at the road edges, are often difficult and pedestrians regularly step out infront of us. Its therefore vital that we always wear a helmet, we ride a good quality bike, and we keep our wits about us. 

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Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect bike

We're passionate about bikes and safe riding, and we could chat about bikes all day long. So dont hesitate to get in touch with us for advice or just to say hi! 

Buying a bike is an important purchase and we want you to be 100% happy with your new ride. Call, email, whattsapp, DM or chat to us through the website, we'll find you your new ride in no time. 

Bikes for touring or commuting

More and more people are ditching the car or public transport in favour of commuting by bike. Our bikes are designed for comfort and reliability and will get you where you need to be safely and on time. 

But if you'd rather saddle up outside of the daily grind, then a Steed bike is perfect for touring adventures or leisurely, carefree rides in the great outdoors. Our frames have inbuilt eyelets allowing panniers, racks, bottles and baskets to be fitted depending on your cycling needs. 

Where to buy the best single speed bikes

You're in the right place! Our bikes have been voted Best Commuter Bikes 2022 by GQ magazine and Best Single Speed Bikes 2022 by Cyclist magazine. 

 Our bikes are designed for everyone and are gender neutral. However,choosing the perfect bike for you will depend on budget, size, colour and style preference. 

 Our Stallions have a strong unapolegetic style aesthetic with silky mat black frames, thick rims, bullhorn handlebars and bold logos. Despite using high quality components that last the distance, the Stallions are extremely budget friendly too. 

Our Thoroughbred bikes are a cut above the rest with hand stitched vegan leather saddle and handlebars, high gloss powder coated frames and chrome detailing.


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Lifetime Warranty

Trust in your STEED with the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty on frame & fork and one year warranty on all other components.

Customer Support

Buying a bike can be stressful. There's so much choice out there and prices can range from very cheap to crazy expensive. Its important not to go for the cheapest bike as this will cost you more in the long run in repairs and replacement parts. 

But its also important not to spend over the odds. Some brands invest more in slick marketing than their bikes components. We can talk you through the pitfalls and help you find a bike thats right for you. 

Find the answers to all your questions here

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We answer these questions and more in our FAQ page. 

Which helmet model best protects cyclists?

It's no secret that a helmet can save your life. In fact, it could be the most essential piece of gear you own as a cyclist. Its important to find a helmet that fits you well and that you enjoy wearing. If you hate the look of your helmet then you may not wear it all the time.  

Once you have found a helmet that suits your head shape ensure that it meets the Eurpopean Safety Standard EN1078. Disregard any that dont. Dashel helmets look great, are 100% recyclable and crucially they meet they far exceed these european safety standards in simulated crashes at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to +50 degrees.  And remember, if you're involved in a crash you must replace your helmet. 

Click the button below to read our blog on helmet safety. 

How do I protect myself when cycling?

There's lots you can do to keep safe when cycling. Firstly, choose a good quality and reliable bike, helmet, lights and reflective jacket. Remember, these things are key to keeping you safe so make sure to choose wisely. And don't avoid wearing your helmet because it might mess up your hair!

Always ride decisively and own your space on the road. Look ahead so you're fully aware of what you're riding into and assume that pedestrians and car users can't see you. This way you wont be surprised if a car turns, or a pedestrian steps, in front of you. 

Make clear signals and use your voice or bell if you need to urgently alert someone to your presence. Try to maintain a safe distance where possible and avoid riding up the inside of vehicles. 

As tempting as it may be, dont ride to fast and always give pedestrians the right of way on shared paths. You dont want to be one of those cyclists!

When should I use bike lights?

Legally you must cycle with bike lights and reflectors between the hours of sunset and sunrise according to the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations UK. A good indictator of when to turn on your lights is when the street lamps turn on. Its often earlier in the day than you think. 

Cycling without lights at night is not only illegal but also hugely dangerous. As cyclists we're already faced with many challenges from vehicles, road conditions, inclement weather and pedestrians in the road. If we then choose to cycle without lights we become invisble to vehicles and pedestrians alike, and accidents will surely follow. 

More and more cylists are choosing to use lights in the daytime. The weather can change quickly, you might cycle into a tunnel, shaded area or dense woodland and suddenly become much less visible. Cycling with your  lights on, even in the daytime is therefore a smart move.