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Like the rebellious stud horse, our Stallion bikes are powerful, unapologetic and great fun to ride. Made from high tensile steel and powder coated in mat black, this urban warrior has wide rims and bullhorn handlesbars for focussed streamlined riding. 


Named after the magnificent hot blooded horses, this classic city bike with a fiery edge is perfect for urban travel. Stitched vegan leather saddle and handgrips give a luxury feel and the high gloss powder coated steel frame in a choice of with three striking colourways ensures you'll turn heads as you go. 

Be inspired by the simplicity of single speed bikes

Why are single speed bikes so popular? It's often said that single speed bikes are the purest form of cycling. Uncomplicated and hassle free, they only have one gear ratio and magically it always seems to be the one you want.  

Set at 46/18 (46 links in the chain and 18 teeth in the rear cog) the gear ratio is designed for both quick acceleration and fast cruising speeds. The fact that you don’t need to clunk up and down through gears makes it ideal for both commuting and care free adventures. 

One speed really is all you need! 

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Why choose a classic bike? 

Sometimes referred to as classic bikes, single speeds are fuss free, low maintenance, affordable and reliable. They look great too! 

 Our bikes have been voted Best Commuter Bikes 2022 by GQ magazine and Best Single Speed Bikes 2022 by Cyclist magazine. 

 All Steeds are designed for everyone and are gender neutral. However,choosing the perfect bike for you will depend on budget, size, colour and style preference. 

 Our Stallions have a strong unapolegetic style aesthetic with silky mat black frames, thick rims, bullhorn handlebars and bold logos. Despite using high quality components that last the distance, the Stallions are extremely budget friendly too. 

Our Thoroughbred bikes are a cut above the rest with hand stitched vegan leather saddle and handlebars, high gloss powder coated frames and chrome detailing.


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Why choose Steed?
We're all about recapturing the joyful sense of freedom & adventure that our first childhood bike gave us. We champion a more healthy, low impact way to travel by making reliable, affordable & beautiful single speed bikes. 

Voted Best Single Speed Bike 2022 by The Cyclist Magazine and Best Commuter Bike 2022 by GQ Magazine, we are proud to offer bikes that not only look great but are also highly regarded by the cycling community. 

Advantages of single speed bikes for commuting

More and more people are ditching the car or public transport in favour of commuting by bike. Our bikes are designed for comfort and reliability and will get you where you need to be safely and on time. The simplicity of our bikes mean your commute wont involve clunking up and down gears and their low maintenance means you wont miss that important meeting!

But if you'd rather saddle up outside of the daily grind, then a Steed bike is perfect for touring adventures or leisurely, carefree rides in the great outdoors. Our frames have inbuilt eyelets allowing panniers, racks, bottles and baskets to be fitted depending on your cycling needs. 

Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect bike

We're passionate about bikes  and could chat about them all day long. So dont hesitate to get in touch for advice or just to say hi!

Buying a bike is an important purchase and we want you to be 100% happy with your new ride. Call, email, whattsapp, DM or chat to us through the website, we'll find you your new ride in no time.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a single speed bike? Are single speed bikes good? What are single speed bikes good for? What is the difference between a single speed bike and a fixed gear bike? Why are fixed gear bikes popular? How do you guarantee quality in your single speed bikes? How much do Steed Bikes weigh? What size bike should I buy? Does my bike arrive fully assembled?

We answer these questions and more in our FAQ page. 

How long does it take for a single speed bike to be delivered?

Order today and say hello to your new travel buddy tomorow* with our next day delivery service. Speedy Steedy!

With our lifetime guarantee and ability to pay by installments, we make it easier to choose your Steed. 

*Orders before midday Monday to Thursday

Can you advise me on buying a bike?

Buying a bike can be stressful. There's so much choice out there and prices can range from very cheap to crazy expensive. Its important not to go for the cheapest bike as this will cost you more in the long run in repairs and replacement parts. 

But its also important not to spend over the odds. Some brands invest more in slick marketing than their bikes components. We can talk you through the pitfalls and help you find a bike thats right for you. 

Can I customise a single speed bike?

The short answer is yes, absolutley. Single speed bikes can be easily customised to meet your specific cycling needs. Swap out the stem and handlebars for a different shape and add panniers, mudguards or baskets. You can also easily change the wheel thickness, pedal type or saddle. The possibilties are endless!

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