The best single speed bikes for urban cycling enthusiasts


Like the rebellious stud horse, our Stallion bikes are powerful, unapologetic and great fun to ride. Made from high tensile steel and powder coated in mat black, this urban warrior has wide rims and bullhorn handlesbars for focussed streamlined riding. 


Named after the magnificent hot blooded horses, this classic city bike with a fiery edge is perfect for urban travel. Stitched vegan leather saddle and handgrips give a luxury feel and the high gloss powder coated steel frame in a choice of with three striking colourways ensures you'll turn heads as you go. 

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Do you know which single speed bike is right for you?

Our bikes are designed for everyone and are gender neutral. However,choosing the perfect bike for you will depend on budget, size, colour and style preference. 

 Our Stallions have a strong unapolegetic style aesthetic with silky mat black frames, thick rims, bullhorn handlebars and bold logos. Despite using high quality components that last the distance, the Stallions are extremely budget friendly too. 

Our Thoroughbred bikes are a cut above the rest with hand stitched vegan leather saddle and handlebars, high gloss powder coated frames and chrome detailing.


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Buying a bike is an important purchase. We're here to help! 

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Single speed bikes for everyone

Our bikes cater for all body types - tall, short, young, old, heavy, light and all genders. 

We offer 3 sizes, small, medium and large.  So if you stand between 5ft and 6ft 5 inches tall, we have the perfect bike for you. 

Benefits of urban cycling

Say goodbye to traffic jams and stuffy trains and breath fresh air on your journey instead. 

Clear your head, let your body be your engine and arrive at your destination that little bit more healthy. Cycling isnt just good for your body, the benefits to your mental well being are also huge.

By choosing to saddle up you're doing your bit for the planet too. No fossil fuels needed here! We also plant a tree for every bike we sell, so riding your Steed is even more eco friendly. 

And if thats not enough, just think about how much money you can save on transport costs. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a single speed bike? Are single speed bikes good? What are single speed bikes good for? What is the difference between a single speed bike and a fixed gear bike? Why are fixed gear bikes popular? How do you guarantee quality in your single speed bikes? How much do Steed Bikes weigh? What size bike should I buy? Does my bike arrive fully assembled? 

We answer these questions and more in our FAQ page. 

Do I need to consider the size and weight of a single speed bike?

Its important you and your bike fit well together. Choosing the right bike will make for a better riding experience and impact less on your legs, knees, wrist and shoulders. Our simple sizing options ensure you purchase the right bike for you, and if in doubt just ask one of our expert team for guidance. 

Steed bikes have been deisgned with an optimum strength to weight ratio. Their high tensile steel frames ensure they can support all body types and withstand knocks and bumps, but yet be light enough to carry up stairs. 

What are the differences between a single speed and a fixie

Confused? In a nutshell, both have one gear, however with single speeds you can keep your pedals still whilst you coast whereas on fixies the pedals are always turning as the back wheel turns. 

Makes sense? Not quite? Read our blog post for more info. 

What is the maximum speed I can go with a single speed bike in urban areas?

Whilst there are generally no speed limits for bicycles in urban areas, most cyclists' top pace are between 10 and 14 miles per hour. 

Watch out for local bye laws that sometimes do restrict bike speeds and be particularly prudent on shared walkways with pedestrians. No one likes an agressive rider! Fines of up to £2,500 can be given for dangerous cycling. 

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