Do you need a mobile phone holder for your bike?

If you’re anything like us, you’re permanently attached to your smartphone. And you definitely want to take it with you when you’re cycling. But does that mean you need a mobile phone holder for your bike?

Why a mobile phone holder for your bike might prove useful

mobile phone falling out of back pocket of cyclist on a single speed Steed Bike

Some cyclists travel with a backpack. Or with panniers. Or they stick their bag in a basket at the front.

In all of these situations, you have somewhere safe to put your phone.

However, if you regularly travel light – and often find yourself sitting uncomfortably on the smartphone that is sticking out of your back pocket – you may need another solution.

A mobile phone holder for your bike is just such a solution.

mobile phone holder on handlebars of atlantic blue Steed Bike

This device sits on the handlebars, stem or top tube of your bicycle, giving you:

  • a hands-free way to use your phone as you travel
  • a safe place to store your phone as you cycle around the city

When you use a mobile phone case for your bike, you can follow GPS directions with ease. You can follow your progress on fitness apps like Strava. And you can access your phone quickly if you have to stop to answer a call or send a message.

But before you jump straight in and start Googling where to buy a phone holder for your bike, let’s take a look at what the law says on the issue of using your mobile phone while cycling.

What does the law say about using mobile phones while cycling?

It’s not strictly illegal to use a mobile phone while cycling.

Drivers can be penalised for using their phone while driving, even when they’re at a standstill. But the same law doesn’t apply to cyclists.

However, that doesn’t mean that cyclists are off the hook. Police can still stop and fine cyclists who are guilty of careless and/or dangerous cycling.

girl in lilac shirt holding phone sitting next to atlantic blue Steed Bike

So if you’re weaving your way through rush hour traffic one-handed, while sending a text or calling a friend, you may find yourself in trouble.

And to be safe, even when you’re using a mobile phone holder for your bike, you should only use your phone for hands-free activities – like following your GPS.

Types of mobile phone holders for bicycles

To avoid getting stopped by the police – and to ensure you stay safe while cycling – you should always carry a mobile phone correctly. That means picking the right type of mobile phone holder for your bike.

Let’s take a look at the three different varieties of phone holder you’re likely to come across.

Case and mount

This type of bicycle phone mount is specific to the make and model of your phone.

You put your phone in its perfectly sized case. You then click it into the plastic mount that you’ve attached to your bike handlebar or stem.

Case and mount configurations offer top notch security for your phone. And they’re often available with 360° manoeuvrability, so you can rotate your phone to view it in landscape or portrait.

Universal bracket

This type of mobile phone holder works with any type of smartphone. You attach a universal mount to your handlebars or bike stem. This then grips your phone in place.

Close up of universal mobile phone holder on bicycle Steed Bike

Handy because you can use the same bracket even if you switch phones, this phone mount nevertheless has its drawbacks.

Because the design isn’t built specifically with the make and model of your phone in mind, it may hold your phone less securely than other mobile phone holder options.

Frame bag with mobile phone holder

If you want to incorporate a little extra storage space on your bike, a frame bag with a built-in mobile phone holder is a decent option.

This bag attaches to the top tube of your bike. You can store bits and bobs in the lower section and slide your phone into the transparent window on top.

The downside of this type of phone holder? You have to reach further to access your phone screen, which means you’ll probably have to stop in order to use your phone.

Want more tips on safe urban cycling and bike care? Then head to the Steed Bikes blog for everything you need to know.


Is a mobile phone holder worth the money?

A mobile phone holder for your bike is worth the investment if you regularly use your phone for GPS directions or fitness tracking.

Because it keeps your phone safe, and because it helps you to keep your eyes on the road ahead, it’s a much better option than riding one-handed.

How to choose a mobile phone holder for your bike?

A mobile phone holder for your bike has to be compatible with your smartphone. It also needs to fit your handlebar or stem diameter.

Characteristics of the best mobile phone holder for bikes include:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ease of use – you can quickly fit your phone into place and retrieve it as necessary
  • A weatherproof covering 

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