How to wrap a bike for Christmas (and why a bike makes the perfect gift!)

Without Santa’s elf workforce at your disposal, working out how to wrap a bike for Christmas is no easy task.

A bicycle makes a wonderful Christmas gift (more on this later). But it’s pretty much the most cumbersome thing you can try to cover with wrapping paper.

Black Steed Bike in snow in front of church

We’re here to tell you that it can be done – and that there are some great alternatives to wrapping paper if you don’t fancy getting tangled in sticky tape at 11pm on Christmas Eve.

7 ideas for how to wrap a bike for Christmas

Wondering how to wrap a bike for Christmas? Here are a couple of ideas, ranging from the complicated to the super simple.

1. Wrap your bike in Christmas wrapping paper

If you like a challenge, you can go down the traditional route and wrap a bicycle in wrapping paper.

Just be prepared with a couple of rolls of wrapping paper, scissors and plenty of sticky tape. And maybe lay off the mulled wine until this beast of a job is complete!

2. Wrap your bike when it’s still in the box

bik box wrapped in brown paper with blue ribbon

Wrapping a big box is much easier than wrapping a big bike. There are no spokes, handlebars or pedals to get in the way and rip your wrapping paper.

The only downside to this approach? You can’t pre-assemble the bike before you wrap it. So it’ll be up to your recipient to attach removable elements like the bicycle seat and front wheel before they can take their new set of wheels for a spin.

3. Add an oversized bow and gift tag

Want an easy way to make your Christmas present look and feel extra special? Then pick out an oversized bow and gift tag for your bicycle gift. Simply attach to the bike and reveal your present on Christmas Day.

4. Put it in a bicycle gift bag

When deciding how to wrap a bike for Christmas, look for solutions online. A quick search throws up gift bags and sacks that are designed to fit a bike – yes really! All you have to do is pop the bike wrapping bag over the bike.

5. Wrap it in Christmas lights

Twinkly Christmas lights are sure to make your gift sparkle and shine on Christmas morning. To achieve this magical effect, take a length of fairy lights and wrap them gently around the bike, securing with pipe cleaners or ribbon. Job done!

6. Hide a bike behind balloons or flowers

girl holding phone leaning against bike covered in flowers

This is another great way to disguise your bike without going through reams of wrapping paper. You can drape cellophane over the bike before blowing up and sticking on balloons or flowers. 

7. Wrap a bike accessory (and a scavenger hunt clue)

Tuck the bike itself away somewhere safe. Then use your wrapping skills to wrap a bicycle helmet, a bike lock, a reflective jacket or a bike tool kit.

Include in your package a written clue that describes the whereabouts of the bike – and your confused recipient will soon discover the beautiful gift their biking accessory is designed to go with.  

Still undecided? 4 excellent reasons to gift a bicycle for Christmas

dog in santa outfit next to black Steed bike with front basket

It may be a tricky thing to wrap. But a bike makes an incredible Christmas gift. That’s because, when you give a bike for Christmas, you don’t just give a bike. You give all of the following too:

Health and fitness

Regularly travelling by bike is good for your mental and physical health, which is an amazing thing to give a friend or relative for Christmas.

Affordable transport

Santa on a black Steed Bike with front basket

On a really practical level, a bike gives your loved one an easy and affordable way to get from a to b. No petrol costs. No bus or train tickets to consider. Just completely free pedal power.

A way to care for the environment

Travelling by bike is eco-friendly. When you give someone a bike for Christmas, you help them to lower their carbon footprint and do their bit for the environment.

A new hobby

A bike for Christmas opens up a world of opportunity. That’s because you give your recipient everything they need to start a new hobby. They can use their bike to discover new places and embark on new adventures.

Want to make someone’s Christmas wishes come true? Then gift one of Steed’s single speed bikes, all with stylish design, top-quality components and a lifetime guarantee.


How do you wrap a bike for Christmas to make it look like something else?

There are a couple of ways you can disguise a bike when wrapping it this Christmas.

  • Wrap it when it’s still in the box
  • Cover it with balloons
  • Put it in a jumbo bicycle sack

Pick one of these methods and your loved one won’t guess what you’ve got them until they unwrap their gift on Christmas morning.

Is it worth wrapping a bike?

Everyone loves ripping the wrapping paper off a gift to discover what lies beneath. But if you’re puzzling over how to wrap a bike for Christmas, remember that you don’t have to wrap your gift the traditional way.

You can use an oversized bow, a bike gift bag or a string of fairy lights when presenting your gift, and forget about wrapping paper altogether. 

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