Single speed road bikes



One of our most popular single speed road bikes for sale. This Stallion fixie bike cuts a bold silhouette at a great price. The front and rear wheel both have deep rims and big logos making for a streamlined ride. The high tensile steel and powder coated frame comes in mat black and finished with bullhorn handlebars and padded saddle.  


A classic single speed road bike london designed. Our Thoroughbreds have won multiple awards due to their smooth ride and chic vintage style.  

Luxury stitched vegan leather handgrips and saddle make riding this elegant beast an absolute pleasure and the high gloss powder coated steel frame in a choice of four colourways ensures you'll arrive in style. 


Single speed road bike london

All our single speed bikes are designed in London. A fast pace, high speed city that's becoming more and more bike friendly.  Our studio is based in Islington and the frame colours of our fixie bikes are inspired by the vibrant door colours of our local streets.  Steed Bikes are a bike designed out of a strong passion for cycling blended with a keen eye for style. No wonder GQ have voted us their number one best commuter bike. 

Why choose a fixie road bike?

If you've never tried it, riding a fixed gear bike as opposed to a bike with gears is great fun. When you dont have to worry about clunking up and down gears you can really focus on the ride. Often referred to as the purest form of cycling, fixie road bikes are set at a gear ratio that allows quick acceleration as well as fast crusing speeds. From all our years of riding, we believe our bikes are set at the best gear ratio for a single speed road bike

With less gears comes less weight and less maintenance.  So as well as being a joy to ride single speed road bikes for sale by Steed Bikes are also easier to carry and much more reliable.  

Single speed road bikes uk

Designed in london and sold only to UK customers. Our single speed road bikes for sale here in the uk are specifically made for us Brits. As we know, the weather isn't always dry and sunny here so we've spent a long time testing different tyres and brake options to ensure good handling even when cycling in the rain.  Our 28mm non slip Kenda tryes are slightly wider then on your average fixie bike tyre in order to give a more comfortable ride and better grip.  And our use of vegan leather handgrips and saddle isnt just an environmental based choice, it also means they wont rot when wet like animal leather would. 

We help you find your single speed road bike

Buying a fixie road bike, especially bikes designed and sold online can be a minefield. We strongly advise you get expert advice before you click that add to cart button. The good news is we're here to help you find the best single speed road bike for you! 

Get in touch and our friendly team of self confsessed bike geeks will guide you to your perfect single speed bike

Call, email, whattsapp, DM or chat to us through the website, we'll find you your new single speed road bike uk designed in no time. 

Not sure how to find the right bike frame size for your height? Check out our blog post here

Fixie road bikes for everyone

A Steed Bike is a bike designed for all body types - short, tall, young, old, big, small, light, heavy and all genders. In the past men have traditionally been more active on fixie road bikes than other genders but this is changing rapidly and in the past year alone nearly 50% of our customers have been women.  

We offer 3 easy to understand sizes of fixed gear bike. Small, medium and large.  So if you stand between 5ft and 6ft 5 inches tall, we have the perfect bike for you.  

Benefits of 

cycling on your single speed road bike uk

Sail through traffic jams and crowded trains and buses and take in fresh air on your travels instead. 

Clear your mind, burn off some calories and arrive feeling refreshed, exhilerated and healthy. Riding your road bike isnt just great for your body, the benefits to your mental health are also well documented. Its a great way to start your day!

By jumping on your fixed gear bike, instead of choosing to travel by engine, you're helping our planet too. As well as not burning any fossil fuels to get to your destination, Steed Bikes also plant a tree for every single speed bike we sell, so riding your trusty Steed is as eco friendly as it gets. 

And if saving the planet wasn't enough, the amount of money you'll save on tranport costs has got to put a smile on your face! 

What are the differences between a single speed road bike and a fixie road bike for sale?

Can the term single speed bike and fixie bike be used interchangeably? To a point yes. Both bikes have one gear and can look identical. However with single speed road bikes you can keep your pedals (and therefore your legs) from moving whilst you coast along. Fixie road bikes have rear wheels that don't allow for independant movment of the pedals. This means your pedals and legs turn as the rear wheel turns. 

Want to know more? Check out our blog on what is a single speed bike for more info. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Often referred to as the purest form of cycling, single speed bikes have one single gear, and magically, it always seems to be the one you want. 

Typically set at 46/18 (46 links in the chain and 18 teeth in the rear cog) the gear ratio is designed for both quick acceleration and fast cruising speeds. The fact that you don’t need to clunk up and down through gears makes it ideal for both commuting and care free adventures. 

For more information of the benefits of single speed bikes, read our blog here

In a word, yes!  Single speed bikes are hugely popular due to their uncomplicated riding experience, stylish good looks, low maintenance and budget friendly price. Loved by both cycling enthusiasts and novices alike, they are the perfect travel companion. 

Single speed bikes are good for a broad range of riding conditions. However, they come into their own in urban riding conditions where frequent stopping and starting means clunking up and down hundreds of gears would be frustrating. Their gearing ratio allows for fast acceleration to get into a safe position ahead of road vehicles at the lights and their simple design ensures minimal maintenance is required. 

Single speeds can tackle gradient well although you wouldn't want to be cycling up extremely steep hills too many times a day!

We would not suggest you buy a single speed bike if you are planning on riding long distances in very hilly terrain or frequently off-roading on unmade up tracks. 

Both gearless bikes, single speeds allow the back wheel to move independently of the pedals whereas with a fixie your pedals move with the rotation of your back wheel.

Most single speed bikes (including Steed Bikes) come with a rear wheel that can be set up as either a single speed or a fixie. 

One side of the rear wheel has a freewheel sprocket for independent pedal movement and the other can be set up with a sprocket for constant pedalling.

Check with you local bike shop what extra parts, if any, you will need to swap between the two cycling styles. 

These days there is a mind boggling amount of choice when it comes to fixed gear and single speed bike brands. Prices can range from a few hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds and so its hard to know where to start. Where is best to buy your fixed gear bike? 

Well, we suggest you start by setting yourself a broad budget. Dont go to cheap as buying the cheapest bike going will just cost you more in the long run. We suggest you try and aim for around the £400 mark if you can. There is no need to go too much higher than this unless you are wedded to a certain brand that really speaks to you. 

Next, do your research in terms of reviews. Customer reviews, reviews from the cycling press and cycling professionals reviews are all important ways to build your trust in the brand and learn what others really think of the bike you are thinking about buying. 

Buying online has become a popular way of buying a bike. Now there is so much information out there, you can build a full picture of a bike brand without having to go into a physical shop. It also allows a wider choice than what bikes happen to be stocked in your local bike shop. If buying online, always look for a friendly and hassle free returns policy just incase. 

Single speed bikes have risen enormously in popularity in the last decade. Their simplicity, classic style, easy riding experience, low maintenance and affordable price tag has proven attractive. 

They are far more accessible to all ages, genders and body types than many of the more specialised bikes with all their gears, bells and whistles. Anyone can ride a single speed and you cant help but have a great time riding one.  

Single speed bikes have one single gear which has been carefully selected so it always feesl like the gear you would have selected anyway. 

Typically set at 46/18 (46 links in the chain and 18 teeth in the rear cog) the gear ratio is designed for both quick acceleration and fast cruising speeds. The fact that you don’t need to clunk up and down through gears makes it ideal for both commuting and care free adventures. 

For more information of the benefits of single speed bikes, read our blog here

When buying a single speed bike its important to buy a good quality bike. Beware of a very cheap bike as these will not last the distance and you will end up paying more in the long run with replacement parts. 

To guarantee quality, look at the bikes components such as the brakes, tyres and drive train (crankset and chain). If these are all unbranded then its best to avoid the bike. Steed Bikes use Promax brakes and Kenda tyres, both of which are excellent quality components.

Buying a bike that offers a good warranty is also essential incase something does go wrong. All Steed Bikes come with a lifetime guarantee

Buying the right size bike for your frame is key to a good riding experience. Too small and your back will be hunched up and knees pulled too close to your chest, and too large and you'll be overstretched and lose strength in your posture. 

Luckily all bikes conform to the same sizing labelling. Bike sizes refer to the frame size and are measured in centimeters. A 50 frame means the seat tube (part of frame that runs from your chain crank to underneath your seat) is 50cm long. 

Our bikes cater for all body types - tall, short, young, old, heavy, light and all genders.

We offer 3 sizes, small (50cm), medium (54cm)  and large (58cm). If you are 5ft to 5ft 6 inches then chose Small. If you are 5ft 7 inchese to 6ft then chose Medium and if you are 6ft 1 inches to 6ft 5 inches then chose Large.  For ease, our bikes have the size guides next to them on the drop down menu next to the particular bike. 

So if you stand between 5ft and 6ft 5 inches tall, we have the perfect bike for you!

Your trusty Steed will arrive in a cute, recyclable box. If you live in London we aim to do all deliveries by bike to keep our carbon footprint down. Your bike will already be 85% assembled. There's just a few simple things that need to be done before you're ready to ride.

We're confident that you can do this yourself (Steed Bikes Assembly Guide) but if you would rather leave it to the professionals then please contact your local bike workshop.

 If you live in London, Steed Bike customers benefit from a discount with our lovely friends at Fettle. Simply add "Bike Assembly" or "Bike Assembly & Delivery" to your cart and select your closest Fettle workshop location. We'll deliver your bike directly to your chosen Fettle workshop for assembly and safety checks. 

This is one the questions we get asked the most. How much do single speed bikes weigh? The weight will mostly depend on the frame size and what the frame is made from.

Most single speeds are made from high tensile steel. This material gives an excellent strength to weight ratio. Strong enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of road riding, but light enough to be able to carry up stairs or onto a bike hanger.

Singles speed bikes usually weigh between 10kg and 16kg. Steed Bikes weigh around 12-14kg depending on frame size. 

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